OVGU Account

What is an OVGU Account?

  • You will receive an OVGU email account for the duration of your studies at the OVGU.
  • This conssist of an OVGU email address (usually in the form firstname.surname@st.ovgu.de), username und password.

Why do you need an OVGU Account at the Language Centre? 

  • The username and password are required in order to register for Moodle and then to register for courses online..
  • The OVGU email addresss must be used for the registration so that you can subsequently receive emails related to the langauge courses you are attending.

How do you get an OVGU Account?

  • You can find our the relevant information from the University Computer Centre here (website in German).

How do you register via Moodle for a course at the Language Centre?

  • Go to Moodle; have your username and password ready.
  • On the Moodle page you will find links with information about the registration process.
  • If you have any problems, please contact it-service@ovgu.de

Last Modification: 17.01.2024 - Contact Person: Holger Illian