• Do you want to refresh your language skills?
  • Maybe you'd like to put everthing you've learned in a language course to practical use?
  • Or perhaps you'd like to learn a language that isn't currently on offer at the Language Centre?
    ...then the Tandem Project might be just what you need!

What is Tandem?

  • Carolin Mitulla, a journalism student at the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, asnswers this question a short report about the Tandem Project of the Language Centre (note that the report is in German).

How does this kind of language learning actually work?

  • Two students who speak different first languages meet (or write to) each other regularly. In a meeting, each partner listens for half of the time: for example, if they mee to 90 minutes a week, they could practice German for 45 minutes, and Spanish for 45 minutes. Or they could meet on Tuesdays to practcie German for an hour, and then on Thursdays to practice Arabic for an hour. The main thing to avoid is mixing languages.
  • When, what, and how you learn is up to you, but we'd be happy to introduce you to the range of possibilities.

The Tandem Team offers support in the following ways:

  • Your Tandem Team coordinators in the Language Centre are Christina Bolívar (Language Lecturer for Spanish, French and German, learning advice, and introductory courses in Tandem learning) and Alica Nowack (Teaching Assistant, mediation, organisation) 
  • You can register to join the Tandem Project on our homepage, and then we'll try to find an appropriate learning partner for you. As soon as we find one, Alica Nowack will send both of you an email, and you'll be able to arrange a meeting shortly afterwards.
  • You're also welcome to take advantage of the learning advice we offer, in order to make your Tandem experience as effective as possible.
  • Our introductory course offers many practical tips as well; in the winter semester, it takes place in the third week of the semester.

You can register here!

 Alica Nowack

Our Teaching Assistant, Alica Nowack

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