The Language Centre

In times of internationalisation and globalisation, the ability to communicate with people from other cultures is one of the most important conditions for international co-operation, and the Language Centre has a special role to play in this. Like no other branch of the university, the Language Centre is in a position to respond to the potential of multilingualism and make it fruitful for students.

The Language Centre is a central service provider of the university. As such, it is responsible for the provision of language courses for all students and employees of the university. The Language Centre considers itself to be a mediator of foreign language skills and competences as well as knowledge of cultures and their differences. Accordingly, it makes available linguistic and cultural tools for successful mobility, increases the competitiveness of students, and facilitates their entry into professional life.

  • The Language Centre is located in Building 40 (G40, Faculty of Humanities) on the Zschokkestraße campus.
  • Building 40 (G40) is situated approximately 550 metres (1/3 mile) to the west of Universitätsplatz.

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